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Jan 17, 2019
Hi user ,

First , thanks to be part of our club and for support us .

We are a brand new forum for djs and all we want to make is a good community for djs , made by djs .
We are working hard to finish our premium zone and upload more and more content for you .

Whats the premium zone ?
The premium zone is a subforum where you can download and request every song/album/spotify playlist and our staff will do the best for you and give you the download link (gdrive , filemail , onedrive and similars )

Why premium zone ?
Because we need to pay servers and hosting .

We will update always our forum (premium and no-premium) with better content , quality content .
The idea is always posting FLAC format but sometimes that’s not possible , so , we will post it in 320kbps mp3 format .

You can also request any song or playlist from spotify and we will give it to you , in FLAC format or MP3 (you choose)

!!! Also we have already 8400 threads with best music in just 3 days !!!

So :
- What did you want to have on a dj club like this ?

- What do you , users , need ?

Thanks .

DjClub Staff. .
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